12/22 - Leigh and Heather Bday
at Vesper Sporting Club, 223 S Sydenham St, Philadelphia, PA 19102
from 08:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Hosted by Vesper Sporting Club

Visit Website at http://www.vespersportingclub.com/

Ticket Options

Open Bar/ Food
two (2) Hour Open Bar : Beer/Wine/Liquor two (2) Hour Appetizer Buffett: Wings/Assorted Wraps/Assorted Sliders/Fruit/Veggies/Tenders/Charcuterie


Event Description

Join us to celebrate the Birth of Leigh and Heather. Please purchase your Open Bar/Food Packages before arrival. This will allow for us to get an accurate look at how many people.

Packages include 2 Hour private open bar and Appetizer buffett

Event Location

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